• After a beautiful childhood in Ronda and the abandonment of my football career due to a knee injury, I began during my teenage to have extrasensory experiences that I couldn’t understand.

• Later, with the opening to different sciences and philosophies, I realized -while experimenting- that art acts as an element of mediation between dimensions, that reality involves more than our senses can perceive and that material concretion and channeling of energies can make an important contribution to human life and its environment.

Such intuitions were confirmed, after about 12 years of research, with the creation of the Energyplate Atirūpa,

an instrument that by its internal combination of elements in resonance with certain essential creative energies, is capable of

  1. activate the self-healing powers,
  2. increase or harmonize the frequency of our different bodily systems (tangible or intangible),
  3. support in their evolution of consciousness and
  4. clean the energies of a space.

Read HERE more about the research.

• From there I learned that our body has a wonderful technology and doors opened within me towards new fields of perception and action.

• After traveling, long stays in different countries and with an intense personal process and self-taught experimentation, I offer sessions, art and methods for healing, cleaning and protection (both for people and for spaces) that support, ultimately, the increase of energies, the reconnection with our true self and the evolution of consciousness, listed here:

  1. Energy healing session.
  2. Medial reading to bring clarity.
  3. Energyplate Atirūpa, with multiple functions.
  4. Energy paints for the evolution and harmonization of consciousness.
  5. Method 14 card for the treatment of a particular ailment or imbalance.
  6. Oracle cards.
  7. Shamanic drum.
  8. Name in Sanskrit for reconnection with our essential energy.
  9. 14 steps meditation.
  10. Chant of mantras.

~ For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact me.

A cordial greeting, Sebastian.

WhatsApp/Telegram: +39 345 939 4043